Sleep, O Songstress.

Sleep, sweet melody,
And sink your paper boats
Gently under the tide,
Sweep it all beneath
A cerulean mirror of
A blank slate wiped clean
Of stealthy tears,
Rustling down the air,
Insulting gravity.

And let movements terminate
Into dull ebbs of slipping seconds,
As your mind’s anchor
Can hold you fast no more-
Sprout wings and fly fearlessly-
Let silence be reminded of you,
Let your venereal cousin
Course through the
Tingling capillaries of yours,

Breathe it all in,
And let it consume your lungs,
And live in that fullness a bit longer,
For don’t we all take the
Enchantress, Sleep,
For granted?

“When I’m hanging on by the rings around my eyes
And I convince myself I need another-
If I’m not being honest, I’ll pretend
That you were just some lover.”
-Love Is A Laserquest, Arctic Monkeys


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